Not Soon Enough 10

CityMatCH applauds the nation’s progress in reducing infant mortality by 12% from 2005 to 2011.1 Even more notable is that fact that the Black rate decreased faster than the White rate, so the “gap” or disparity is actually shrinking.  The decreasing Black infant death rate saved over 4,500Black babies during those years2: a great accomplishment!

But, what can we expect for the future? A simple linear regression analysis using Black and White infant death rates from 1995-20113,4 projects that equal rates would not be achieved until the year 2063, nearly 50 years from now. According to this analysis, more than 106,000 Black babies would die unnecessarily from now until parity is achieved.

So, although we have made progress, the gap must close faster. Fifty years is simply NOT SOON ENOUGH!

We want to hear what you think. Can we do better? How can we speed up justice?